Celtic Heart Design Necklace
Celtic Heart Design Necklace
Fleming's Engraving

Celtic Heart Design Necklace

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Wear your heart on your neck, Celtic-style! 
Once upon a time in a secret and magical land, there lived a beautiful faerie who loved to wear the most exquisite jewelry. One day she stumbled across an enchanting piece of jewelry - the Celtic Heart Design Necklace. With its intricate pattern, this necklace was unlike anything she had ever seen before! She instantly fell in love with it, knowing that such beauty would be sure to catch everyone's eye wherever she went. She wore it proudly each day as a reminder of her own inner beauty and strength 

  • Handmade of fine sterling silver
  • Features an intricate & detailed openwork knot within the heart pendant
  • Symbolizes eternal love and interconnectedness
  • Comes with a 20" beaded sterling silver chain

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