Double "O" Necklace
Double "O" Necklace
Fleming's Engraving

Double "O" Necklace

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Two Os, twice the bling! 
A young woman was walking down the street, admiring the beauty of a bright summer day. She spotted something sparkling in a shop window and couldn't help but go inside to investigate. It was an exquisite double "O" necklace that glimmered in the light like a million tiny stars. She knew she had to have it and immediately purchased it with great delight. The beautiful pendant would be her perfect accessory for any occasion - from casual days out to more formal events, this piece of jewelry will always make her feel special! 

  • Double "O" necklaces typically feature two pendants, both in the shape of an "O," suspended from a chain
  • Double "O" necklaces are perfect for gifting, since this versatile trend looks good on almost everyone
  • Comes with a 20" sterling silver rope chain

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