Walnut Oblong Earrings
Fleming's Engraving

Walnut Oblong Earrings

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Wear the walnuts of style with Oblong Earrings! 
These walnut oblong earrings are the perfect statement piece to make any look stand out. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, these earrings will add just the right touch of sophistication and charm. With their bold shape that is designed to draw attention, they have a timeless appeal that can be worn for years to come. They're sure to become your new favorite go-to accessory! 

  • Classic and stylish
  • Walnut Oblong Earrings offer a timeless look that is perfect for any occasion
  • Natural materials – This earring design features genuine walnut wood, perfection for long lasting durability
  • Lightweight and Hypoallergenic

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